Zendo Etiquette

Zendo Etiquette Guidelines
You are welcome at the Clear Water Zendo. The “etiquette” guidelines below are intended to help you feel comfortable in your first visit. Please join us. We look forward to meeting you.

Our practice is one continuous mistake so the first rule of zendo etiquette is do not worry.

However, the second rule is to please avoid dressing or acting in a way that is distracting to others.

Clothing should be:

  • modest and cover shoulders and knees
  • neutral in color and pattern
  • comfortable and loose

Be in your seat five minutes before scheduled time
Avoid wearing scents
Turn off cell phones and watches
Avoid watches so as not to be tempted to look at them
Avoid distracting jewelry
If you arrive late:

  • Enter with a zazen mind and take a place a usual
  • If the zendo is being formally opened, wait at the door until the third bell before taking a seat as usual
  • If there is only a minute or two before the end of a period of zazen, wait outside or simply sit in the chair rather than going to a seat

The last rule echoes the first: the most important thing is to sit, become quiet and pay attention. Do not worry about mistakes. You are welcome here.

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